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Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

Company defaults are the best medicine for China

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When struggling companies could no longer pay the bills, a white knight of one variety or another would always appear. Typically it was the local government, riding in to offer last-minute loans that would keep moribund businesses going.

But those days appear to be over. Already this week, property developer Kaisa, and state-owned Baoding Tianwei Group, a power transformer manufacturer, have failed to make payments to creditors. No bailouts have materialized.

And that's a really good thing.

Beijing has been gradually rolling back the implicit guarantees that underpin China's financial system. Last year, bondholders were given a fright when Chaori Solar was allowed to miss a payment, becoming the first Chinese corporate to default.

In the past, Chinese investors were able to assume the government would always act as a lender of last resort, a promise that extended even to shadow banking products.

That assurance encouraged investors to ignore company fundamentals, rewarding firms that should have been punished by the market. Instead of closing up shop, bailed out firms merely added more debt to their balance sheets.

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Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who has a long history of working with Chinese officials, warned about the lack of real risk in his new book on China.

"One of the biggest problems in China's banking system is the moral hazard created by the expectation that the government will always step in to prop up a failed institution and assume its losses," Paulson wrote.

"The many financial institutions that aren't systemically important should not be propped up by the government," he said. "They should be allowed to fail."

Beijing is likely to continue to evaluate failing companies on a case-by-case basis, according to analysts at Fitch Ratings. For now, a looming default by a large, systemically important firm would likely still result in a bailout.

"State authorities could still intervene in varying forms on a selective basis, as they gauge the impact of each default case on the debt capital market and the broader economy," Fitch said.

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China's anti-corruption campaign: The greatest hits

CNNMoney (Hong Kong) April 22, 2015: 12:09 AM ET

Mittwoch, 03. Dezember 2014

Warning to bariatric surgery patients: Take your supplements, for eye's sake

Von glibblasphemy464, 21:41

Obese patients who've undergone bariatric surgery in losing weight should consider the supplements prescribed to these to protect his or her eyes. Using within not enough Vitamin A, throughout particular, could in a number of cases truly cause night blindness, dry eyes, corneal ulcers, and in extreme cases total blindness. This particular guidance comes from Rui Azevedo Guerreiro and also Rui Ribeiro in the Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central within Portugal, that reviewed what little study there currently will be about the occurrence of eye conditions next bariatric surgery. The Actual review is actually revealed inside Springer's journal Weight Problems Surgery.

Three different kinds of bariatric surgery are usually performed to help using weight-loss within obese patients: restrictive (such as adjustable gastric banding and also gastric sleeve), malabsorptive, along with mixed methods (including Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and biliopancreatic diversion) which combine the first two kinds of surgeries.

One in the drawbacks of these operations is the very fact that patients can easily develop nutrient deficiencies. This happens, with regard to example, when patients vomit a lot more often, eat less or perhaps develop meals intolerances. Individuals who have had restrictive bariatric surgery, regarding instance, frequently comply with an unbalanced diet which in turn subsequently influences their particular intake of the appropriate mixture of vitamins as well as micronutrients. Moreover, malabsorptive and mixed bariatric surgeries reduce the floor regarding the tiny intestine that will plays an important role in the uptake associated with nutrients. Since any result, not enough vitamins along with micronutrients might always be absorbed properly by the body.

Nutrient deficiencies due to bariatric surgeries can, in the mid in order to long term, trigger eye-related complications that could affect virtually every component with the optic system. It can cause circumstances like night blindness, ulcers, scarring and also changes towards the cornea, involuntary eye movement (called nystagmus), paralysis of the eye muscles (ophthalmoplegia) or even dry eyes.

It will end up being the lower intake of particularly vitamins A, E, as well as B1 (thiamine) and also copper which worry Azevedo Guerreiro and also Ribeiro, as these help using the regular operating of the eye and also optic system.

Vitamin A New deficiency, throughout particular, is associated with eye-related complications developing right after bariatric surgery. However, the outcomes with the handful associated with studies completed on the topic will be inconsistent. Within general, Vitamin A New deficiency along with eye-related complications appear to be more prevalent after malabsorptive bariatric surgery.

"There can become a danger that will bariatric surgery patients, that do not go ahead as well as take vitamin and mineral supplements prescribed in order to them, could develop eye-related complications because involving nutrient deficiencies," emphasizes Azevedo Guerreiro. "Such complications right after bariatric surgery usually tend to be not frequent, but when undetected, they're able to have got devastating consequences for your patients."

"The real prevalence of those complications is mysterious but the rarity associated with clinical reviews that will link nutrient deficiency using eye-related complications could in addition suggest that will no one will be looking for such problems," adds Ribeiro.

Freitag, 21. November 2014

Oat oil preparation makes you feel fuller

Von glibblasphemy464, 15:34
Oats contain more fat than other cereals, and oat oil has a unique composition. A new study from Lund University, Härröd Research and Swedish Oat Fiber AB, shows a special oat oil preparation can produce greater satiety.

The study followed 34 healthy individuals who were given different quantities of the oat oil preparation as part of a normal breakfast. The researchers found that levels of satiety hormones in the intestines rose more with the oat oil preparation than with the placebo 3-7 hours after the meal (by anything from a tenth to half, depending on the amount of oat oil and hormones).

Magnus Härröd has developed the new method of creating oat oil with extra high levels of polar fats. (Polar fats are not used to store energy; they are rather building blocks in the cell membranes and act as signal substances). The preparation resembles mayonnaise, but the fat particles are significantly smaller; both the particle size and special composition of the oat oil are thought to delay the breakdown of fat and/or its uptake in the gut.

The researchers discovered that this leads to increased release of three different satiety hormones, PYY, GLP-1 and CCK, which in turn makes us feel fuller and eat less. They also saw increased release of a hormone -- GLP-2 -- that promotes the growth of the intestinal cells, as well as beneficial effects on sugar and free fatty acids in the blood.

"Our results suggest that the oat oil preparation could be an effective dietary supplement that supports reduced energy intake in a healthy way. However, more studies are needed to confirm our results and further chart the mechanisms," says Lena Ohlsson, a medical researcher at Lund University.

The researchers also stress that bigger, long-term lifestyle changes are the most important when it comes to losing weight. However, our modern way of life has created an imbalance in satiety -- and that is where a dietary supplement such as the oat oil preparation could be helpful.

"If we constantly eat high-energy food, our satiety signals become dulled. However, various supplements can influence metabolism or reinforce our satiety signals. Several previous studies have shown that higher levels of satiety hormones are linked to satiety and lower energy intermittent fasting intake. I believe that the oat oil preparation that we have tested has what is needed to keep you feeling fuller for longer and therefore makes it easier to refrain from overeating," concludes Lena Ohlsson.

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The above story is based on materials provided by Lund University. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length.